A Prayer for Today by Dr. Wendell C. Hawley

Today's musing is from Dr. Wendell C. Hawley's book A Pastor Prays for His People.

Everlasting God, Lover of our souls,

Open our eyes to see your love for us—

Your love which was established before creation

And continues unfailing and unending, even unto this very hour.

Your Word tells us that you had a plan for us a long, long time ago.

A love for us not based on


or beauty,

or inherent value.

A love which sent a Savior to the unlovely,

the destitute,

the helpless,

the condemned.

A Savior whose love prompted him to say:

“Come unto me all you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Lord, may you this day be the present help of all who turn to you,

whether hurt or ashamed,

whether sick or disheartened,

whether afraid or defeated,

whether troubled or angry.

You have come to change the human condition drastically, totally . . .

the sinful heart,

the stony heart,

the rebellious heart.

Holy physician, divine surgeon . . . work in our lives that our souls might

prosper in spiritual health and vitality.

Do this in the life of every person now praying to you.

Thank you, Lord,

for hearing,

for answering,

for meeting every need.