At the Heart of Forty Years by Nancy Tally

Exchanging of vows


Nancy, I love you.

Before God our Father and these witnesses I, Roland Spence Tally,

Understanding the instructions given in the Holy Scriptures,

That I should love you as Christ loved the church

And love you as much as I love my own body,

And to treat you with the care that a precious vessel requires:

Wishing to be obedient to these instructions found in the scriptures

So that Christ my Savior may be glorified

I promise you, Nancy Carol Seymour

That I will never abandon you

spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, or physically,

I dedicate my total being to meet your every need as God,

 through His Holy Spirit enables me to.

Until death separate us or until our Lord and Savior comes again.


Before God our Father and these witnesses I publicly declare that

I, Nancy Carol Seymour, have chosen you, Roland Spence Tally to be my lawfully wedded husband, the one to whom I will be united and

spend the rest of my life till God takes one of us home.

Having talked with God our Father, and knowing His words

I am convinced that we are in his will and that

He alone has brought us together.

I am but a child in God’s family, but by the provision Christ has made for me, and by the power of the Holy Spirit who has come to dwell in me;

I will respond properly to you my husband.

By properly I mean I shall Help You. Love You,

Submit to Your Authority, and Obey You.

I chose to grow in grace and in the knowledge of God, and along with you, be made by God, more like His Son everyday.

The Rings


Unfortunately, Roland’s words have been lost in the passage of time.


Roland , may this ring remind you that I am secure in the circle of your love,

And that I willingly bring to you my own love.

I pray that our circle of love will expand to enclose others and that our friendship, trust and love for each other will never cease to deepen.

Roland at this time I thee wed and give to you my life.

Commitment to Concepts

Love is a verb and therefore a choice.

What ever the difficulty was if love is gone it is because one or both of us decided to stop acting in love.

Divorce is not an option.

No matter what, neither of us has the right

to split asunder what God had joined together.

That left us with two options:

Continue to refuse to choose to be loving and stay miserable


Chose to love the other again.

Warning: the pain you inflicted on your spouse my take years of your loving them with no visible sign of their healing or returning your care.

But when God breaks through the restoration of mutual love and warmth of relationship will be worth all the work.