Where Is Your Heart by Pat Cirrincione

I was thinking the other day of where the hearts of people are today. Are their hearts in the holiday of Valentine’s and the beautiful cards that Hallmark has printed for the season? Or are they in the type of candy, flowers, or yummy Valentine desserts that are all for sale at this time of year?

Where was your heart this Valentine season? Was it emotionally tired? Was it tired of how unkind people seem to be these days? How it’s okay for others to have their opinion of anything and everything, but you are not allowed to have yours? When did our hearts become so cold?

Thinking about all of this reminded me of my younger days:

Do you remember when you where young and your Mom came home with red, pink and white construction paper? Plus glue, pens, and if you were really lucky doilies to make your homemade cards really special for that one person you wanted to impress. It was such a joyous time as you and your siblings sat around the table, folded the construction paper in half, drew a half-shaped heart on one side, and then cut the heart out, unfold it to its big heart size and begin your decorating. This just wasn’t paper, glue, and doilies to you. This was a moment when you thought really hard about who this heart was going to. Would it be met with a smile? Would it be met with embarrassment? Would it be met with kindness? The trauma and turmoil that went into preparing those hearts for the special people in your life. It was so personal, and done with so much love. Fast forward to today’s cards our children give to their classmates. Purchased in a box of other cards, and signed “From”. It’s so impersonal. Everyone gets one. There’s no special time spent with scissors cutting out construction paper and doilies. There’s no real feeling, other than to count how many you received. How can we expect attachment, or real heart felt feelings when nothing has really gone into the giving?

So back to my original question: Where was your heart this Valentine season?

Mine was in thinking about being a more effective witness, more than being just a good example, more than purchasing what the media makes of Valentine.

Mine was in letting friends and family know that becoming a Christian is as close as your own lips and heart. That if we believe in our heart and say with our mouth that Christ is the Risen Lord, we will be saved (Romans 10: 10-12).

Now that’s a Valentine gift I can live with forever.