Thanksgiving Eve One Year Later: Lizzy

Lizzy reflects on a year full of growing, learning and God's healing.

It has been almost a year and a half since my boating accident that almost caused me to lose my foot. It has been a long year since this video was shot, but it also has been a year full of growing, learning and God's healing.

I am now able to fully walk and run. I am currently playing basketball at school and club soccer. I still have limitations and my leg is not as strong, but it just feels amazing to be playing at all. God is truly good!

God has taught me so many things this past year and a half. He has taught me to trust him in all circumstances. I am now running and playing sports, but it has been a long road to get here. Through this, God has graciously and constantly been reminding me that I need to trust him and his plans.

There, of course, have been setbacks. I still struggle a lot with not being able to do things as well as I did, and this has made me question if God is really in control. But God never fails to show me that he is faithful. I can look back and see where I was and realize all that God has brought me through.

God also has been reminding me to praise him for everything and in all circumstances! There have been so many amazing victories that have happened over the past year.  Sometimes I forget that these victories are not because of me. A lot of times I fail to give God the credit and to praise him for his wondrous works. He never fails to remind me to humble myself.

Through the hardships and the joys that have come throughout this recovery process, God has shown me that he is faithful, trustworthy and my healer. Only he deserves my praise!