Thanksgiving Eve One Year Later: Laura

"God is good, all the time," declares Laura as she looks back a year later. "It was just as true on July 30, 2013, the day of Lizzy's accident, as it is right now." Here is a mother's heart as she sees God's goodness in her daughter Lizzy's life.

The obvious evidence of God's hand and his presence with Lizzy has continued to amaze our family this past year. No one ever chooses pain and suffering, but holding fast to the truth that God is a good God allows me to continue trusting him for her future and to face the day-to-day mountains and valleys that come with the road of recovery.

Last Thanksgiving, Lizzy was in a boot and not allowed to point her foot down and only put very little weight on her injured foot. The doctors were hoping the tendons would continue to heal and build up good scar tissue. Lizzy eventually graduated to a more more flexible brace and continued intense physical therapy focused on strengthening the muscles in her lower leg and foot. The road has seemed long at times, and for an athlete like Lizzy, very tedious.

But God keeps showing us his presence in our lives and his power to heal!

In June, Scott and I watched her play summer league high school basketball, and in September, she scored three goals in one game at a soccer tournament. In and of themselves, these accomplishments really aren't that important, but it's what they represent to our family: God's continued miraculous healing!

Over the last year, I have learned that prayer is powerful. God heard our prayers and the prayers of so many others and chose to heal Lizzy. We continue to be sobered by the many, many people who interceded for us on her behalf. To be a part of the body of Christ is both amazing and humbling. I am so grateful that I have not had to walk this trial alone.