The Author's Interpretation by Lois Krogh

Two on a road to a town
Just the same
as any other little town.

One man, Cleopas, the next
Never named.
Both hopeless and confused.

“Oh, foolish ones and slow of heart!”

Do you not know? Can you not see?
All the prophets of old spoke about me?

That a messiah would come, you’ve long been expecting,
That first he must suffer is uncomprehending.

Beginning with Adam and back to t he present
He told the great story of love in redemption.

To you there are turns in the long story line,
But each part was framed in the wise author’s mind.

A People. A Purpose. A Plan and a Place.
Saved for His glory. Saved by His grace.

“And their eyes were opened, and they recognized Him.”

Back to the city from where
They just came.
Their hearts burn bright and sure.