Summer and Winter, Seedtime and Harvest--A post Thanksgiving Prayer

Summer and Winter, Seedtime and Harvest

A post-Thanksgiving prayer from a Pastor Prays for His People by Wendell C. Hawley.

Almighty God, magnanimous God,
We acknowledge you as Creator and sustainer of all things.
We praise you that you are not an absentee landlord,
uninvolved in your creation,
for you have promised that with regularity we shall experience
summer and winter, seedtime and harvest.
The bounty of earth's produce at harvesttime
should bring praise from mankind everywhere . . .
and if many won't—we will.
We praise you for the provisions of life.

Blessed Savior, when we reflect on our past days,
we see in every circumstance your providential hand—always offered in love.
So whatever difficulty we currently face, we give you thanks.
Thank you that you can turn the disappointments of life
into divine purposefulness.
Consequently, even in our economic losses,
our companion losses,
our experiential detours,
our physical disruptions—
we await your guiding hand, leading to our eternal benefit. . . .

. . . And so with your servant David, we pray:
I am overwhelmed by how much you have done for me.
I will tell everyone abour your righteousness.
All day long I will proclaim your saving power.