In The Beginning by Alyssa Carlburg

In song, Aslan bade the Land of Narnia give birth

To creatures and wonders beyond the mind's girth.

Each person and beast was given place in the realm

To fight against Evil with the Lion at the helm.

And after giving their lives to achieve victory,

They found true Life in Aslan's own Country.


Middle Earth, too, was crafted in melody and song

By Eru Ilúvatar and his angelic throng. 

And though Melkor sought to subdue it with his dark trill,

Eru only used these notes to realize his own mighty will.

Great wisdom and power were given to the Elves,

But to Men, Eru gave the gift of eternity with himself.


Our own Earth was called into being by God's voice,

And whether or not to listen is our greatest choice.

Aslan and Eru are mere shadows of our King,

Who will neither withhold or deny us any good thing.

His love and everlasting Kingdom will meet every desire

As we worship our Triune Lord in the Heavenly choir.


With their myths, Lewis and Tolkien show us the way

To see God's majesty and beauty in our lives each day.

For in their worlds, our minds are inspired by joy and calamity,

But these are mere stories, and how much greater is our reality!

Like Aslan and Eru, Christ's voice leads us along,

And it is our joy to respond in worship, and in song.