Bugged by Pat Cirricione

I absolutely do not like gardening. I have tried to like it many times throughout various stages of my life. If my father were still alive he would regale you with stories of how gardening and I do not get along with one another. The few times he asked me to help him plant tomatoes, I was always so excited and eager to help. But the minute a spider or an earthworm  crossed into the path of the beautiful dark soil in which I was digging, I would fling the garden hoe into the air and run, screaming into the house.

Bugs just give me the creeps. They creep, they crawl, they fly, they bite. A bee flying around me would send me into fits of hysteria (not a pretty sight).

On the other hand, my sister loves to garden. She has turned her back yard into a beautiful English garden. There are birds houses in various trees, wisteria,  lavender--beautiful paths to walk on, with benches to sit on under beautiful trees. I used to just love to look out of the window of her kitchen into that beautiful garden. I even tried sitting on one of the benches once, until I was attacked by a bee that would not leave me alone.

My husband loves to garden, and I enjoy eating all of the things that he eventually harvests; however, about the only time I go out to look about, and admire the work he has done, is when he asks me to bring him a glass of cold water.

Insects seem to love me. Cookouts are enjoyed by the rest of the family, while I eat my food inside. If I eat outside I am immediately surrounded by gnats, bees and mosquitoes. While some are trying to enjoy my food, others are trying to enjoy my blood. A picnic has ants that crawl up my arms and legs. I wish I could enjoy them, maybe even give them pet names, but no, I get hysterical as I try to brush them off, away, onto someone else (not meaning to do so, it’s just that when my arms go flying there’s no telling where they might land).

So how a snake could ever have convinced Eve to take a bite of an apple is just incomprehensible to me. One look at that snake, and a talking one no less, would have sent me screaming into Adam’s arms, panting and puffing and pointing at something so hideous!

Yes, I do love gardens, and I admire those who garden. They are so nonchalant about just moving those pesky, creepy, crawly things out of their way while going about planting. As for me, I will stick to house plants.

Although even then I have been known to fling the potted bag soil into the kitchen's stratosphere if a spider nonchalantly walksout of the bag'

I mean, really, how did that get in there!