TEARS in a Bottle by Virginia Hughes

In the early 70's, Jim Croce released his hit, "Time in a bottle," you may remember the nostalgic, wistful words about there not being enough time to spend together, but how important to know the one you want to go through time with. Look it up and you'll find the song remains relevant. This longing for more time with a loved one becomes more realized as one ages. 

You may have seen a ship in a bottle, and know the intriguing magic to make that happen. Maybe you've put a message into a bottle, and thrown it hopefully into the tide never knowing if it will reach someone on the other side as it's carried out to sea. 

But have you ever thought about tears in a bottle?  David mentions this idea in Psalm 56. He is caught by enemies and afraid. As he talks to God he is crying. He notes that these aren't the first tears he has shed and reminds God of this fact. 

Remember, David is a mighty warrior. With God's help, he has taken down wild beasts like lions. He has slain a real giant. It is compelling how David, the fighting man, is tender in his downtime. David is unique in his ability to express himself. This verse is a glimpse into the faith of a man after God's own heart. Verse eight provides insight into David's understanding of God's care. He says, "You have put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book?" God, who can do anything, surely keeps David's tears in a bottle. What a beautiful picture of the intimacy between David and God. What a powerful prayer we may all know and practice, "You have put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book?" 

David knew who he wanted to go through time with. If you feel alone today, know you are not alone. Even if you sit in what seems like an empty room. God’s spirit is here. The comforter is with you. You are loved by God who is so close that he collects your tears and saves them in a bottle all counted in his book.