Easter Road--poetry by Anita Deyneka

Simon the Cyrene,
only passing by.
Little did he dream
he would carry Jesus' cross
to Golgotha's grisly scene.

A crown of thorns.
Soldiers mocked, scorned
until Jesus' last breath.
Earth shook and darkness fell.
The temple curtain tore.
And they knew
this was no ordinary death.

Two criminals watched him
nailed to a cross.
They saw the soldiers
gamble for his clothes,
taunt his thirst with sour wine
and hang the sign,
"Jesus King of the Jews."
Only one knew
it was true
and wanted to be at Jesus' side
in Paradise.

Joseph of Arimathea,
soul-stabbed by Jesus' wounds
How could he help?
What could he do?
He gave his tomb.

The women came
in grief and pain
to embalm.
The angel said,
"He is not here.
He is risen from the dead."
The women fled.
What else would they do?
Who had ever heard such words said.
But they were true.