A List of Highlights from 2017

There have been many wonderful contributions this year’s OneWord Journal. I offer a few highlights—art, poetry, music and writing. Enjoy.

Sean Shimmel’s  contribution to February’s “hope” gave us a glimpse of the quiet power of a mother and child--Forget (never)

Pat Cirrincione’s riff on hope after the Cubs won it all.

ChurchFolk’s Easter song works any time of year.

Speaking of Easter, Lorraine Triggs’s “Saturation Point,” gave us layers of beauty and darkness to consider.

Nancy Tally recalled a frightening and miraculous night where she saw “Jehovah Sabaoth The Lord of Hosts is Our Protector.”

He was only ten years old when he gave us these “Moonlight Lillies,” but I love Nathanael William’s contribution this year:

Lois Krogh’s “the Hidden Work of Beauty” considers reservoirs of truth in the shortened life of a dear friend.

Rachel Rim’s “The Great Homesickness” is a memory piece than manages to look back and ahead at the same time.

Alight--Dan Haase’s “tremble” contribution in July flutters still with wonder.

A good way to end--Marr Miller's video and Wes Bleed reading Psalm 8.