Checking It Twice by Nancy Tally

Old Santa—as we have been told since we were young—is making a list and checking it twice.

This time of year, I have multitudes of lists:

My “Who” list: people I want to remember, thank, encourage, honor or surprise,

Decorating list,

Gift shopping list,

Gift making list,

Shipping/mailing list,

Cyber Monday tracking list,

Menu lists,

Events to attend list,

Cookie lists,

Grocery list,

Housekeeping/laundry lists,

Medical daily info list,

Reading list,

Song lists,

Honey-do list,

Give attention to each family member list.

This is a good time of year to hone my juggling skills.

As I rechecked one list I realized, “oh, no” I forgot to order the present for my youngest grandchild. Good thing I checked early.

It’s also time to be wary that the “tyranny of the urgent” does not choke out my awareness of God’s lists.

How is my armor doing? Is it as bright and shiny as the tinsel and lights I hung? Am I renewing my armor daily with the polish of God’s Words?

I wish I could transcribe all of Ephesians 3—6 and all the lists these four chapters contain.

•Paul’s prayer list for our spiritual growth, and his request for humbleness gentleness patience and unity that we might function as one body.

•Paul’s list of God’s gifts to the church.

•Multiple “naughty lists” of things we should eliminate.

•Multiple “nice lists” of things to replace the naughty items.   

•Paul’s lists for family and work interactions.

•Then finally his list of the armor of God.

Looking at just these four chapters or thinking about Peter’s writings or even the opening chapter of Matthew’s gospel, God is not above using lists to help us see what must be done or understood.

So, have at it. Recheck those lists of yours and remember to recheck those lists God gave us.

Oh, don’t forget the fruit list!