Remember to Breathe by Pat Cirrincione

I sit here tonight and wonder what Christmas means. Right now, it feels like Christmas is only about finishing my present shopping and baking a bunch of Christmas cookies. And for some reason, this year I decided that it would be nice to make homemade gifts. I truly thought I had at least two full weeks left before the arrival of our Savior, and I just don’t know what happened to that week I lost!

Okay, I just need to take a deep breath, (in-out-in-out), and get really organized. But when did it become my job to wrap all these extra gifts that keep coming into our home via our newly married son and his wife? Okay, deep breath (in-out-in out).

I know I say this every year, but I must get back to getting ready for Christmas in August. Really. I used to have my Christmas cards in the mail between the end of August and the beginning of October. It actually became a Christmas tradition. Certain friends thought it was such a good idea that for the past few years I’m receiving theirs before I have even purchased our own cards. What happened to my former organized self?

I know, it happened when the grandchildren arrived. No, maybe it was when our first son got married and we had to switch some family traditions around. No, let’s go back to the grandchildren and the time spent between babysitting and going to their school functions and dance recitals and sporting events. I know what you’re thinking, “She’s just making up excuses since she retired and is spending her time with book clubs, knitting group, prayer groups, lunches and dinners with friends.” But I did all that stuff before. Could it be that age has been creeping up on me, and I just haven’t noticed? Now that is absurd!

I’m going to have to think this through. I know, I’m going to look at next year’s calendar and get more organized. I’ll place colored dots on dates where I need to get something done or begun. Maybe I’ll get the dots in red, green and yellow. Red for get this done as soon as possible. Green for go and do something, anything, but don’t wait until the last minute. And yellow for “maybe I should slow down a bit and take a deep breath (in-out-in-out).”

Perhaps I should just say, “Lord Jesus, please help this crazy woman. Let her take the time she needs to stay connected with you, to read her Bible, to pray.” That is a better way to begin my day than with red, green and yellow dots. It’s a better way to frame my baking, wrapping, addressing cards and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

It’s far better to keep in my mind that the joy and love of the season is about one person—our Redeemer King—who knows every hurried or unhurried breath we take (in-out-in-out).