The Hidden Work of Beauty--Poetry by Lois Krogh

I lost a dear friend to cancer. There were only 40 days from diagnosis to her passing. There was no time for learning how to suffer or to say goodbye. But she had reservoirs of truth stored up in her heart from years of trusting and serving her Savior

Tis an amazing everyday occurrence--

a child is welcomed into the world

having for forty weeks lay hidden 

intricately woven and watched over by

the Worker of Wonders.

This common joy withheld from her,

while in her womb a dark secret hid for years.

Growing, twisting, devouring.

Now exposed and threatening.

Was this too His workmanship?

Alternatives are futile.

Hopelessness and terror

reside in a world where

even one cell divides

apart from 

His command.

A settled grounded-ness,

deeper than first responses,

is steadfastly fierce

in her who knows the truth:

His ways are wise.

Sovereign Worker of Your Will,

Hold her fast, keep her near,

in the darkness of this hour.

Bring to light the hidden work of beauty

You have crafted in her soul.