My Marooned Island Books

Inspired by a New York Times column that asks people what ten books they would take with them if they were marooned on an island, (here’s what Bill Gates said), OneWord Journal asked some of its contributors along with some of the ministry staff, elected leaders, missionaries and others at College Church the same question. We’ll be posting their “island” answers throughout the month.

From writer and deaconess Virginia Hughes

If I could take 10 books . . .

Six volumes of classic Encyclopedia Britannica, because these books have elegance, heft and an air of importance carried in their old gold-embossed leather covers. I would want them for research purposes, and simply to have beautiful books around.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. For the dramatic, desperate, iconic characters and masterful turn of phrase.

The NIV Study Bible for Kids—of course, a Bible must come along, God’s own living words, and best book ever written. This version is easy to read and understand, has great definitions and illustrations throughout. I began using it for teaching and also for raising my kids.

The SparkNotes Anthology of 150 Plays and Literary Word—so many quotes and discussion of plots, characters, definitions and author information, featuring great stories from the oldest known to the present day.

The biggest poetry anthology I could find. Poetry is music that penetrates, feeds and inspires.