No Man Is an Island

No man is an island. We are never alone,

though we oft feel isolated this side of home.

You are here with us now, as You will be then,

though we know not for sure how or when.

No woman is an island, even when sorrows linger,

and she bears no ring on her third finger.

With no earthly husband, she is still Your bride,

and behind clothing and makeup she need not hide.

No child is an island, though he have no father,

for to You, he is neither a burden nor a bother.

You call him and draw him to Your embrace,

and You brush away the tears from his face.

No church is an island. We are parts of one whole,

bound eternally by our blood-cleansed souls.

You command us to reach beyond our walls to others,

for every person, strong or weak, is our brother. 

Our world is not an island. We are under Your reign,

and every effort to resist You is utterly vain.

We are adopted as Your children, and invited to Your table,

though to earn this honor alone, we are wholly unable.

You build bridges between the people of Your world

until the clouds roll back and Your glory unfurls.

Alyssa Carlburg
Isaiah 43:1-2