A Conversation with God: Lay Your Loved One on the Altar

by Micah J. Downs

In the bleak and cold dark winter
The Lord tested me, he came
To my bedside and he spoke to me
He called me by my name.

"Son I know for sure you love me
There is no doubt that is true.
But for my glory and for your own sake
I want something, now, from you.

I am calling you to give me
What you love more than your life
Lay your Loved One on the altar
I am asking for your wife."

"Lord, take my
Time, my Talents, Treasures,
Take me. I choose, now, not to live.
But don’t ask me for the one I love
Some things I cannot give.

For if I do then I might lose her
And that I simply cannot do
Who will calm her fears and dry her tears
If I give her up to you?”

“Is she better off in your hands?
Have you more control than I?
Do the winds and waves obey you?
Did you create the earth and sky?

Can you be her Heavenly Father?
Her Holy Spirit who is always there?
Can you be her Lord and Savior?
Can you hear and answer prayers?

Did you knit her in her mother’s womb?
Love her before all time began?
Did you die to free her from her sin?
And for her, then rise again?”

"Forgive me, Lord, I know you are God
But it would help if you'd just explain
Why the one I love is suffering.
Why is she wrought with so much pain?

I love her more than life itself
I'm afraid to let her go.
Tell me, What's your plan?
Let me understand.
There are some things I must know."

“Trust my sovereignty. Obey me.
Close your eyes and hold my hand
Lay your Loved One on the altar
Though you do not understand.

Lay your Loved One on the altar
I may bring her now to me
And you will live with her again someday
On golden streets eternally.

Or it might be that I’ll heal her
And display to all my power
But my will is not for you to know
Trust and obey me in this hour.

Lay your Loved One on the altar
I am your Father from Above
From everlasting to everlasting
All I do, I do in Love

I won’t promise you a perfect life
Your pain may never cease
But lay your Loved One on the altar
And you both will rest in Peace.”

“Give me strength, Lord, 
I am weak, so weak
But I will do all that you say
I’ll lay my Loved One on the altar
I will trust You, and obey.”