by Holly Burke

Writes Holly: Two years ago, I was inspired to write this poem in response to John Lennon's famous anthem. The main themes are Christ's redemptive work and our hope of eternal life through him.

Imagine there's a heaven,
A home for you and me
Where love, joy and peace abide,
And death and shadows flee.

Imagine there's a Savior
Who came to set us free,
He bore our sins and sorrows
On the cross at Calvary.

Imagine there's a Father
Who hears us when we pray,
He sees His own Son's glory
And not our feet of clay.

Imagine there's a Spirit
Who descends like a dove,
He convicts men of sin
And assures us with God's love.

Imagine all the people
Who live without the Lord,
They shun the call to repent
And trust His holy Word.

Imagine that He calls you
And whispers in your ear:
"Believe in me; do not doubt,
My love casts out all fear."

Thank the Lord this is all true:
It's better than a dream,
I hope someday you'll believe
And join the blessed theme.