Crackers and Minnows

Lord Jesus,

You needed me?

In this crowded mountain field,

You called me?


Because I only have a little food here.

Five barley loaves and two fish.

Crackers, really, and minnows.

Tiny, broken, and limp.


You asked where to buy bread,

That the people may eat.

Andrew noticed I had a little.

So now I bring it to you.


Sorry it took me awhile.

I hesitated at first,

And then I tripped a few times on the way.

But here I am.


But I’m a little unsure.

Will I have still something to eat?

This is all I have,

And it wasn’t much.


Others are watching me.

Some with scorn, for I am small.

Some with curiosity, for I am just a boy.

Some with interest, for they are hungry.


But most indifferent. 

Oblivious to what I carry.

Or even more,

What you might do with it.


Here you go.  Take it all.

Can I watch?

You say you will feed many?

How can that be, with only my little lunch?


For what do you thank God

Before He even acts?

For what do you need helpers

To distribute so little?


From where does this all come?

How can this be?

The food multiplies before my eyes.

There is enough for the thousands.


And leftovers even? 

In abundance?

Twelve baskets full?

Who are you, Lord?


Lord Jesus,

I gave you the little I had.

And you did more than I can imagine.

To feed your flock.


I praise you.

I trust you.

For with you,

I am full.

Take my crackers and minnows again, Lord.

And show me what you can do.

by Cheryce Berg