Further Up and Further In

When this life ends, you'll draw me across the void,

as my soul is set free and my sin is destroyed.

The old will melt away to be replaced with the new,

and I'll know the perfect mystery of my life, all through.

Sun, rain, and snow will all now bring peace,

as from man's curse, your earth is released.

Every mountain, wood, and stream will be perfected,

and anything less will be wholly rejected. 

As we climb further, we will long to see more

of the glorious wonders our home has in store.

Every desire and longing will from now on be sated

by the beauty and joy your loving mind created. 

Your children will be joined in an eternal choir

to praise your Son for saving us from the fire.

Each of us will be seen, inside and out,

and our minds cleansed forever from doubt.

As you draw us in, we will know and be known,

free to cast ourselves at the feet of your throne.

Finally, at last, we will enjoy eternity in your presence,

from which there will be no loss or severance. 

I will see you face to face and hear your voice like thunder,

which will be as familiar as my own, but still fill me with wonder. 

by Alyssa Carlburg