Truly God's Hand

Poetry by Nancy Weckler

Truly, truly, I have seen God’s hand.

It is holding mine.

Truly, truly his hand has been leading me down the path he has prepared for me.

Truly he has gone before me, and

Truly he is with me step-by-step.

His hand led me here to this church through my friend Beth

His hand led me here to this Wednesday morning Bible study.

In his perfect timing his hand guided the woman I was to meet.

Her name is Julie

Truly, truly his love guided us to this day.

“My granddaughter has been told she has Mast Cell Disease.” I say.

“I have that too,” Julie utters with a tear in her eye.

My heart leaps and I gasp.

She grabs my hand.

I squeeze hers. 

The tissue in my hand is wet with my tears.

“I will write you everything I know about this disease” Julie says.

Give me your email address.

Truly, truly God has led me to this group of prayer warriors.

Truly, he has heard, acknowledged and responded to my cries for help.

Truly, his love has engulfed me with his promises and his grace.

I have seen God’s hand.

It is holding mine.

It is holding Julie’s; it is holding yours too.

Truly, he is holding each of our hands,

As he gently leads us down the path He has prepared for us.