Why? (Why!)


Poetry by Alyssa Carlburg

Grief is spoken in words,

Heard through the eyes,

And felt in the absence of the one

Who was lost.

When grief is, they are not.

“Why?” The question whispered from lips,

Spoken to others, and shouted into the darkness.

It drowns despair in anger.

It erects a barrier between man and God.

It demands an answer, but accepts none.

“Why?” is an iron cage around our hearts.

“Why!” is Your answer, prayed in the garden,

Your tears of blood mixing with our tears of grief.

It lifts our pain on to Your shoulders.

It is the bridge between us.

It is answer for which we dared not ask.

“Why!” is the promise of eternity with You.

Grief is not understood here, and will not be felt after.

It is temporary; it has been defeated.

It is real, but more so are You.

“Why” is our question, and also Your answer.

You are every answer.

I have no more questions.