Thank You for Your Service

As we celebrate Independence Day with parades, picnics and fireworks, we would do well to remember to thank God for our Church family members who are serving in the military. The following list is from the brochure, "Pray for Our Troops," which is available at College Church.


Salvatore Cirrincione
Nephew of Pat Cirrincione

David Curlin
Brother of Micah Lindquist
Army, Chaplain

Richard DiBiaso
Nephew of Joe & Pat Slone
Marines, Corporal

David Elsen
Son-in-law of Wayne & Nita Martindale; wife, Heather
Army, Lieutenant Colonel, LTC 

Abigail Johnson
Daughter of Beth and the late Doug Johnson

Max Johnson
Son of Beth and the late Doug Johnson
Army, Lieutenant Colonel, LTC

Andrew King
Son of Chuck & Karen King
Army, 2nd Lieutenant

Hannah Kosirog
Daughter of Glen & Debbie Kosirog
Air Force, 2nd Lieutenant

Joshua Littell
Grandson of Judy Littell

Christopher Martis
Son-in-law of Scott and Cathy Evangelist
Marines, 1st Lieutenant

Paul Meyer
Son of Ed Meyer
Army, Major, Military Intelligence

Brendan McMillan
Son of Mark and Beth McMillan
Army, 2nd Lieutenant

Billy Milford
Son of Laura Vossbruch
Army, Specialist First Class—Musician

Nate Mullins
Son of Robert and Beth Mullins

David Olson
Nephew of Marilyn Ritter
2nd Lieutenant, Army, Finance Corps

Elizabeth Olson
Niece of Marilyn Ritter
Army, SPC, Chaplain’s Asst.

John Patterson
Son of Dave Patterson
Air National Guard,  Colonel

Joseph Schneider
Grandson of Dick & Donna Schneider
Air Force

Eric Singley
Son of H.E. & Noretta Singley
Air Force, JAG Corps Captain

Joshua Slone
Son of Joe & Pat Slone
Marines, Lance Corporal

David Starke
Brother of Sarah Starke

Hunter Taylor
Son of Jeremy & Christian Taylor
Army, PFC

David Tebbe
Son of Jim and Beth

Patrick Tyson
Grandson of Joe and Joyce Walta
Army, Captain

Rachel Tyson
Granddaughter of Joe and Joyce Walta
Army, Lieutenant

Elizabeth Wiltgen
Daughter of Roland and Nancy Tally
Air Force, Staff Sergeant

Joshua Wiltgen
Son-in-law of Roland and  Nancy Tally
Air Force, Staff Sergeant

Eric Woldeit
Nephew of Pat Cirrincione

Douglas Yates
son-in-law of Daniel & Ellen Block; wife, Jonelle
Captain, Chaplain