One Hundred Thankful Thoughts

The basket on the Thanksgiving table Wednesday night was overflowing. It is a joy to see into hearts that are full of thankfulness. Here are 100 thankful thoughts and we have a whole lot more we could add.

  1. Thank you God for my sister-in-law's progress over the past year and the emotional healing you have brought.  

  2. I am very thankful for the Lord's kind provision during my long stretch of unemployment.

  3. Thanks for family!

  4. The forgiveness of sins and hope of eternal life through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

  5. A wonderful spiritual family at College Church.

  6. My job at GRN Winfield.

  7. I am thankful for God's patience and ever loving kindness.

  8. Thankful to have precious children entrusted to me and being able to see their development physically, spiritually and cognitively, like little trees planted by the river (Psalm 1).

  9. Invigorating change of seasons in the Midwest.

  10. I am thankful for the Holy Spirit who does not leave us alone but is in us and with us and guides us in his wisdom.

  11. My beautiful wife and children. I am blessed beyond all measure!

  12. My family, my Savior, my loving wife, home, struggles, good fortunes, College Church, growing up in a Christian home.

  13. My husband who has supported all my hopes and dreams, for the opportunity to be a part of his family and for 

  14. Friends who stand by me and pray for me.

  15. That God is good all the time.

  16. Our dogs.

  17. The gift of serving at College Church.

  18. Laughter.

  19. Always learning and discovering new truth from the Word.

  20. Opportunities to hear stories from my students' lives of the way God has worked.

  21. The health and safety of my elderly parents.

  22. Saving the lives of two former students from a drowning incident.

  23. Freedom to worship.

  24. Answered prayers and those better left unanswered.

  25. Snakes, reptiles, lizards, vipers, God, Jesus, love, happiness, moms, dads, siblings.

  26. For adoption into his glorious family.

  27. That the Holy Spirit knows how to grow me.

  28. A new house that fits our family.

  29. His faithfulness to me and my family in keeping his promise to carry us when we are weak.

  30. For his majestic creation and all the inhabitants of this wonderful world.

  31. Spider webs.

  32. Tonight.

  33. A new, vibrant, life-giving marriage.

  34. Late night talks.

  35. Help, in spite of doubts, to believe that God knows what he is doing.

  36. For supernaturally releasing me from harmful addictions.

  37. God's guidance and wisdom in business decisions and caring for my employees.

  38. His daily provision.

  39. The blessings he has given me through friends and family.

  40. For my Wheaton football family.

  41. For my small group.

  42. His everlasting, overwhelming grace even in the midst of my sins and insecurities.

  43. For the sacrifice of his Son.

  44. For God's sovereignty and the assurance that he is in control.

  45. My family, my IPod.

  46. Sustaining me through another year.

  47. My parents and their love and upbringing me in Christian love and care. They were my best friends as an adult and I miss them since God has called the home.

  48. Our daughter's new job.

  49. How God is overcoming my sinful heart with his grace and love.

  50. Steadfast love--his mercies that are new every day.

  51. My friends and my host family.

  52. His presence in dark times--he holds our right hand.

  53. My amazing job--I was out of work for two years.

  54. Turkey.

  55. A home to return to tonight.

  56. His grace, his mercy, his goodness.

  57. His providence. Through difficult times and circumstances, He has been faithful and provided for us each step along the way. Through a prolonged period of unemployment and uncertainty, He has assured us of his goodness. He has met our every need "...and we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God."

  58. The Bible that shows us the path to walk and follow Christ.

  59. Able to use my musical ability to serve God as well as have fun.

  60. Our family's new cat Oscar.

  61. His unending forgiveness.

  62. Snow, family, shelter, food, Jesus, holidays, celebration, books.

  63. This church and the pastors and leaders here.

  64. God's eternal, true and unchanging Word.

  65. Providing good friends.

  66. My hamster, my family, my new room, my Bible, Thanksgiving.

  67. God moving at Wheaton North through outreach last week.

  68. Our marriage of over 50 years--for all the ups and downs we have shared--that he has always been here for us.

  69. Our son finding a church.

  70. God's Word and the actual ministry of the Holy Spirit in guiding us and revealing himself to us.

  71. Helping me forgive those around me who have hurt me.

  72. There are too many things I am thankful for. I can't pick out just one.

  73. Thankful for a supportive husband in all my hopes and dreams, and to be a part of his family.

  74. Living near our son and his family and to worship with them here at College Church. The Lord has been so good to us. Thank you, Lord.

  75. Thanks for wonderful new friends we have in our retirement.

  76. God moving at Wheaton North through outreach last weekend.

  77. Your constant presence and care for us as your children.

  78. Joy that is unspeakable and life everlasting.

  79. His faithfulness through all circumstances in life.

  80. Reading!

  81. Suffering. Seriously, it stinks, but when you get to the end of your rope, God's presence is so clear. And, as Romans 5 says, it produces hope.

  82. God, I am thankful for how far you've walked with me in two years. I'm thankful for how faithful you are.

  83. Respite as just the right time when I feel like motherhood is just too hard.

  84. Adult daughters who are strong women, faithful disciples and lovers of people and Jesus.

  85. Thank God for music

  86. God's love and forgiveness.

  87. His steadfast love and care.

  88. God's continued grace.

  89. His compassionate and merciful heart.

  90. My cousins and books.

  91. New apartment.

  92. Opportunities for learning--school, lectures, Bible teaching.

  93. Friends and their love and encouragement, which they reflect on us from God.

  94. Walt Disney, sports, animals, energy and airplanes.

  95. Salvation! My own and that my mom asked Jesus to be her Savior this summer. She is 97!

  96. God is good. Amen and amen. My lips will praise him.

  97. God is in control.

  98. Thankful that God is teaching me patience, persistence, love and joy.

  99. For the "way of the Master."

And number 100: