by Alyssa Carlburg

Water and tears beautifully blur.
My chest is an aching hole
desperately seeking a merciful cure,
which only comes through a submissive soul.
I finally see You are all that is sure.

I know now that I was utterly enslaved,
as I worshiped all but the One I need.
Seeking only my body as a means to behave,
Your still small voice, I did not heed.
No thought given to the arms that save.

I sought union with the one I desire,
and ignored the One who can satisfy.
My mind I submitted to Hell’s fire,
and shackled my heart to Satan’s lies.
My guilt drove me deeper into the mire.

In my darkness, Your hand reached mine.
Perfection became one with a wretch,
and the peace in my heart was Love’s true sign.
I was known beyond my mind’s stretch,
As my being (every cell) was refined.

Every part of me was filled with purging release.
My heart, soul, and mind lay bare before You,
And my senses were overwhelmed by perfect peace.
“I am His, and He is mine” utterly true.